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In 2021 we changed our charitable status from an unincorporated charity to a charitable incorporated organisation and have re-registered with Ofsted. 

Our first Inspection since this change was on 9th November, 2023.  We received the judgement of 'Good'.

"Staff are unfailingly gentle, kind and nurturing as they help children become familiar with pre-school routines. All of this good practice means that children receive a very positive start to their first experiences of being cared for, and learning, away from home."


"Staff see the full potential in all children. Staff are very skilled at helping children gain the skills they need to become confident and curious learners."


"Staff are extremely successful at building supportive relationships with children and families. Children show a special fondness for their key person, which demonstrates children's emotional security."


"The manager, supported by committee members, leads her team with passion, commitment and great expertise. She has created a happy, skilled and confident workforce who want the very best for the children in their care."

Link to our  full Ofsted Report:

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