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In 2021 we changed our charitable status from an unincorporated charity to a charitable incorporated organisation and have re-registered with Ofsted. We are therefore yet to receive our first inspection. Everything else about our setting including the staff, building, policies and procedures remain unchanged.

The last Ofsted Inspection we received as the previous charity was on 24th November, 2017 and we were awarded a judgement of 'Good'.


"Partnerships with parents are very successful.  The manager and staff use a wide variety of strategies to engage parents, and share ideas to support their children's learning at home. Parents talk about how much their children look forward to attending."


"The manager and staff know the children well.  They provide a good range of activities and resources that challenges and interests children effectively.  This helps all children to make good progress in their learning from their starting points."


"The manager and staff are good role models for children.  They build children's confidence as they settle.  For example, they make good use of praise and explain boundaries.  Children play cooperatively together, learn to take turns and are kind to each other."


Link to full Ofsted Report

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