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North Leigh Pre-school is a charity (Registered Charity no. 1194366) and so fundraising is one of the main functions of the management committee. The money raised provides much needed additional income to help pay for new resources for Pre-school and to maintain the building and garden.

We have recently completed two major fundraising projects and are thrilled to have replaced the roof of our Pre-school building and the flooring inside of pre-school. Fundraising is still crucial however to enable us to renew resources and carry out further maintenance.


Gift Aid

If you are making a donation to Preschool and you are a UK tax payer, please consider using the form below so we can claim gift aid on your donation.

Thank you.

Friends of North Leigh Preschool

We welcome new members to our Friends of North Leigh Preschool. This is an informal group that anyone can join at any time to get involved with our fundraising.

Ways in which you can help include:

  • Baking cakes and helping with cake sales

  • Running stalls at the school Christmas and Summer fairs

  • Selling raffle tickets

  • Helping at a car boot sale or providing items to sell

  • Helping at a garden tidy day

  • Coming up with other fundraising ideas!


To sign up please email Angela on the main Preschool address and provide a mobile number you are happy to be contacted on. Communication is mainly through Whatsapp and messages are kept to a minimum. There is no obligation to help with any events, but any time you are able to offer would be gratefully received.

Please support our wonderful village Pre-school!

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