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Frequently asked questions

Q: Is there a minimum number of sessions my child needs to attend?
A: To enable a child to build secure attachments with their key person, plus develop relationships with other children, we ask that a child attends a minimum of two pre-school sessions a week – ideally spaced out

Q: Can we come and have a look around before deciding if North Leigh preschool is right for my child?
A: Yes. We would love to meet you. Please call us on 01993 880092 or email to arrange a visit.


Q: How do children get to know Preschool before they start?

A: Children are invited for 'stay and play' sessions with their parent/carer in the weeks leading up to them joining Preschool to get to know their key person and the Preschool environment.

Q: Will my child get preference for North Leigh CE Primary School if he/she attends preschool?
A:  No, although we are on the school site, we have completely separate admissions procedures.

Q: What age can my child start?
A: We welcome all children from the age of two years (subject to availability of places).

Q: Do you accept government vouchers for three/four year olds?
A: Yes, these can cover up to a maximum of five morning or afternoon sessions. We can also accept many workplace child care vouchers. 


Q: Do you accept 30hour & 2year funding? 

A: Yes, subject to availability - please ask for more details.


Q: Am I able to use my government vouchers in more than one childcare setting?

A: Yes, however you can only use these to cover a maximum of 15 hours (these could be split between two childcare settings).

Q: Do you provide children with food during the session?
A: We ask that children at all sessions bring a healthy snack. Children attending lunch club should bring a packed lunch, or we can arrange for a  hot lunch to be brought over from school at a cost of £2.30 per meal. Please ask for more details.



If you would like any further information please do get in touch. We are happy to answer your questions.

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