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Festive 100 Square

This year we are running a Festive 100 Square instead of our usual Christmas raffle! 

Each square costs £5, with a chance to win the top prize of £100, or 25% of the takings, whichever is larger! 

The more people who play, the bigger the prize so tell all your family and friends!

There will also be hampers as runner up prizes for several lucky people.


To take part; simply email with the number/s of the baubles you would like. Green are still available, red have already been taken. This is best viewed on a desktop due to the size of the square.

Payment is preferred by BACS, direct to our roof fund account - details in the box to the right.

If you would like to pay by cash or cheque please let us know.

The draw will take place on Friday 11th December and we will notify winners that day.

Good luck everyone!

North Leigh Preschool Roof Fund

Lloyds Bank

Sort Code: 30-99-78

Account No.: 82763568

Please use your surname and bauble number as a reference. Thank you!